Against a background of light and dark blue to
represent day and night operations, a futuramic
missile represents the wing's primary mission. The
two golden fins represent the wing's two strategic
missile squadrons and the ultramarine blue
represents the missile maintenance squadron. The
red strip represents valor and the 18 stars indicate
the number of missile complexes assigned to the
wing upon activation. The two bombs (representing
the unit's former mission), the star (symbolizing the
308th Bombardment Group Heavy), and the cloud
with three lighting bolts (representing the 308th
Reconnaissance Group, Weather) have all been
retained from the former unit emblem (used by the
308th Bombardment Wing, Medium) to indicate this
unit's long history of service to the U.S. Air Force.
The emblem bears the official USAF colors,
ultramarine blue and golden yellow, and the
national colors red, white and blue.
(Approved by HQ USAF on 2/26/63)