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Name :   Tony Perez
URL :   
Dates of Service :   Dec 1973 - Jun 1976
Unit :   308 MIMS
Comments :   Missile Maintenance Officer. Enjoyed my experience. Still recall times with fellow Maintenance folks like Ross, Luis, Corral, and Sharon.
Name :   Alan Oelschlager
URL :   
Dates of Service :   83-87 (USAF 66-89)
Unit :   374th & 373rd
Comments :   Also spent 67-71 & 76-83 at Davis Monthan as a MSAT (BMAT). I was also in SRAM, Minuteman and Peacekeeper. I did a VCR tape of the first site being blown up (deactivated) and was told that tape was to be put in the time capsule along with numerous other i
Name :   Mark Bowerman
Dates of Service :   Nov 78- Oct 80
Unit :   308th SPS MFT
Comments :   Life changing memories at the Rock! The nights at 374-7 18-20 Sep. 80, changed my path...God Bless all who serve, thanks for the memories LRAFB!!
Name :   Christopher R Fletcher
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1982-1987
Unit :   308th mims pts
Comments :   
Name :   Michael Amburn
Dates of Service :   Oct 70 - oct 74
Unit :   308 mims RV shop
Comments :   Missed the reunion but had some great times at LRAFB. Went to Olympic Arena in 72, 73, RV crew chief in 74. Went on missile launch in 73? Ive been living in Lexington Ky for the past 25 years but still have family in LR.
Name :   J David Teeman
URL :   
Dates of Service :   78-86
Unit :   373 SMS
Comments :
Name :   Al Spencer
Dates of Service :   Jan 1982 - Oct 1985
Unit :   308 Security Police Sq.
Comments :   
Name :   Clifton J. Lopez II
Dates of Service :   Jan 79 - Jun 82
Unit :   374 SMS
Comments :   Awesome Web Sight...Sorry I missed the Reunion...would like to know if there will be another...Peace and Prayers to all former Missile Warriors!
Name :   Bruce Sullivan
Dates of Service :   1976 - 1987
Unit :   373 SMS, 308 SMW
Comments :   Bruce Chappell - When you read this email me at above address.
Name :   Rick Winans
Dates of Service :   1/78 - 2/82
Unit :   308th SPS
Comments :   MFT leader, on duty 9/19/80 dispatched to site 374-7 in Damascus AR. Livingston and Kennedy will always be my heros.
Name :   jaap gehrels
URL :   
Dates of Service :   guest
Unit :   
Comments :   Thanks for looking at this site,I am from Holland(Europe) and very interested on all rockets from yesterday and tomorrow!! Bye Jaap, tulips,dikes and so on!!
Name :   Tim Geels
Dates of Service :   June 1982-August 1987
Unit :   308 HQ SQ, 308 SMW, 308 SPS
Comments :   By far, the best assignment and the best people to ever serve with. Was fortunate enough to be at the SMCC the year we won the competition (1985). Sorry I missed the festivities.
Name :   Steven Webber
Dates of Service :   Jan/78 to Jun81
Unit :   308 MIMS
Comments :   Miss all of my old friends at Little Rock, hope to see some you soon!
Name :   Tim Boyer
Dates of Service :   May 67 thru April 71
Unit :   
Comments :   
Name :   Bob Servant
URL :   bobserv
Dates of Service :   1980-1986
Unit :   373 SMS, 374 SMS, 308 SMW
Comments :   Brenda and I had a great time at the reunion and we look forward to the next meeting.
Name :   Wayne Perry
URL :   
Dates of Service :   9/63 - 5/72
Unit :   308 MIMS/374SMS
Comments :   I was a MFT on S-132 with a lot of good people. Retired in 1984. Did duty in PTS in early 60s and was in Site Maintenance before crew duty from 66 to 72. Those were good ol days. Missed the reunion.
Name :   Alex (Jim) Gamble
URL :   
Dates of Service :   8/69-10/72
Unit :   374th SMS
Comments :   The memories this site stirs make me proud.
Dates of Service :   1962-1966
Comments :   I was assigned to the Pneudralic Shop and was in charge of the Mobile Calibration Shop during activation of all sights in Arkansas. I was on the recovery team of the fire at Complex 373-4. A true pioneer.
Name :   Bruce Bedford
Dates of Service :   1962 to 1966
Unit :   570 th MFT # 43 / 390 SMW
Comments :   Hi all Nice to see another T-ll sight. When I got to Tuscon there were no active sites. I belive I am a one of a kind! I launched two down the test range. Bruce Bedford
Name :   Tristan Bently
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1964-1979
Unit :   308 Wing
Comments :   
Name :   Bruce Chappell Jr
URL :   
Dates of Service :   July 1975-March 1980
Unit :   373rd SMS
Comments :   Shout out to all my 373rd brothers
Name :   Don Coleman
Dates of Service :   01/27.1974
Unit :   374th
Comments :   
Name :   James M. (Mike) OConner
Dates of Service :   1980-1987
Unit :   308 MIMS
Comments :   I worked the Pneudraulics shop. Also worked in the CBT shop.
Name :   Roy Moore
Dates of Service :   83-87
Unit :   374 SMS/308 DOT/DOV
Comments :   Retired, now working for DTRA through a NGIT contract at STRATCOM. Running into old crew mates all the time here at Offutt. Amazing how many of us are atill around.
Name :   James L. Wilks
Dates of Service :   Senior Crew Comander Site 3-2 75 - 78
Unit :   373 SMS
Comments :   A geat website! Brings back a lot of memories like when we were snowed in at 3-2 for three days! Plus all the other things I still like to forget!
Name :   Calvin Covington
Dates of Service :   May 70 - May 79
Unit :   308SMW DOV
Comments :   Im really sorry I missed the reunion... but was in Arkansas the week before! I look forward to the next reunion, maybe my schedule will be kinder to me then! Former Standboard MFT, Crew Scheduling NCO, on-base college instructor for Park & ASU (16 year
Name :   Betty Wilkinson
Dates of Service :   1971-1988
Unit :   Country Place Rose Bud, Ark.
Comments :   Paul passed Feb.13,2001. He would have loved the reunion. Someone asked about Susan. She is stationed at Charleston AFB SC. I am in Manning, SC. Would love to hear from old friends. Rose Bud
Dates of Service :   83-85
Unit :   308mims/missle maint tech
Comments :   just found your site enjoyed it missed last reunion looking foward to next
Name :   William Maddox (Capt)
Dates of Service :   1972-1979
Unit :   374SMS/308SMS
Comments :   Those were the days. Some of the proudest memories.
Name :   Dennis Muranelli
Dates of Service :   1981 - 1985
Unit :   374
Comments :   Sorry to have missed the reunion but glad to see so many familar faces and names on this site. I would love to hear from my old pals.
Name :   Greg Gaines
Dates of Service :   Jan 1979 to March 1983
Unit :   373 SMS and 308 StanEval
Comments :   
Name :   Phillip Sells
Dates of Service :   1983-1987
Unit :   374 SMS
Comments :   Dont remember much, to much drinkn! Keepin out of Jail
Name :   Bruce Sullivan
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1976 - 1987
Unit :   373 SMS, 308 DOT, 308 DOV
Comments :   It was great to see some familiar names in the guestbook. Cant wait to e-mail, talk to, and see you.
Name :   Bill Leslie
Dates of Service :   1977-82
Unit :   373 SMS MCCC
Comments :   Does anyone know the whereabouts of Scott Lang, 308 DOT/DOV? Last known location was a Contracting job at Hickam AFB in late 90s.
Name :   Brad Flinders
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1977-1983
Unit :   374th, 308th, 308th MIMS
Comments :   The reunion was outstanding! It was great to see that nobody had changed since 1983. We cant wait until the next one. The planning staff did a great job!!!!
Name :   Howard Gibson Col. (Retired)
Dates of Service :   1972-75; 1985-1987
Unit :   Mims, 308
Comments :   Had the pleasure of serving as branchh chief of all the MIMS branches and as MB, DO and Vice. LR was the only place I served twice. Lot of good people but that is true for all the places I serve. I found out at my retirement that my career spaned 5 decade
Name :   Scott Warren
Dates of Service :   1983-1987
Unit :   374th
Comments :   Noticed alot of names that I pulled alerts with. Home sites were 4-8 and 4-5. Ken Young, E. Disler, L. Komanowski, Wayne Campbell, Bill Johnston, Steve Pollack
Name :   Bill McKee
Dates of Service :   9/64-10/68
Unit :   373SMS/308SMW DOV
Comments :   LRAFB was first assignment. Stayed in SAC for almost 21 years..All in missile assignments, HQ SAC, 3901st, etc. Retired as L/C. Great site!!
Name :   Roger Sanders
Dates of Service :   
Unit :   
Comments :   Just wanted to say thank you to all the men and women who serve to protect our lives each and every day.To me the cold war still lives on and that is something i will never forget again thanks for what you do!!!
Name :   Roger Spencer
Dates of Service :   Jun 1976-Jan 1981
Unit :   373 SMS, 308 DOT, 308 DOV
Comments :   It was an Honor to serve.
Name :   Bob A. Troup
Dates of Service :   Jan 1970-Dec 1971
Unit :   308thMIMS
Comments :   I would like to hear from any one that was in the RV Branch at that time Bob Troup
Name :   Dewayne Peek
Dates of Service :   78-82
Unit :   374 SMS/MFT/308 DOTI
Comments :   Nice site, I was at 374-2 when 374-7 blew, a sad day and no sleep that night for our crew.
Name :   John Strauss
Dates of Service :   1973- 1977
Unit :   308th Communications Squadron
Comments :   I was a Crypto Systems Engineer from 1974 to 1977 in the 308th communications squadron. I spent a lot of time in the 373rd and 374th ACP silos keeping us on-line with secure communications...
Name :   Roy Northcutt
URL :   
Dates of Service :   74 - 77
Unit :   308 Hq Sq
Comments :   308th Command Post Emergency Actions Controller
Name :   Pleas W. Walker
Dates of Service :   1982-1986
Unit :   373 (Launch Crew)
Comments :   I am Fat Dumb and Happy, simulating Happy. I work as a Flight Simulator Technician on the Beach Jet 400. The Air Force designation is T-1A. I am currently living in Texas, my home State. The time I spent with the 373 affected me profoundly. It gave me a d
Name :   Patrick Ward
Dates of Service :   September 1981-June 1985
Unit :   308 DO
Comments :   A great wing, great people! Retired in 1988 from Offutt. Judy and I are living in Nevada City, CA enjoying grandchildren and the beautiful Sierra. Stop by if you are in the area.
Name :   Roger Jette
Dates of Service :   20Jul61-12Nov68
Unit :   578th(Atlas-F),308th(Titan-II)
Comments :   Had not thought much about my service life untill this reunion which instilled in me a new pride for that experience and the good men I served with. Thank you.
Name :   Dan Cleyrat
Dates of Service :   1970-1978 (LRAFB)
Unit :   373SMS; 308SMW/DOX
Comments :   Reunion was great! Little Rock is like a second hometown.
Name :   Shannon Ruthrauff
URL :   morgan at
Dates of Service :   Mar 83 - Oct 87
Unit :   308 MIMS/RV Branch
Comments :   So many good times, so many fantastic people. What a great first assignment! Dorm parties, base clean up, dorm parties, 3am site ops, dorm parties, tank watch, dorm parties. Did I mention the dorm parties?
Name :   Dave Winger
URL :   
Dates of Service :   Dec 66 to Feb 68
Unit :   308th MIMS PTS Shop
Comments :   Hats off to everyone that planned and worked on the reunion. It was great.