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Name :   Angela (Butcher) Harenza
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1978 to 1984
Unit :   373rd and 308th
Comments :   Ive lived a great life but have to say of all the jobs Ive had or places Ive lived... being on a Missile Crew built some of my most significant memories. For those who remember Ed (Harenza)... please know... all of you meant SO much to him, to both of
Name :   Joseph R. Barker
Dates of Service :   Jan. 1963 - Jun. 1966
Unit :   308 MIMS
Comments :   worked as missle engine mechanic. arrived at little rock as soon as finshed school. did two months training at chenute and two months at wichita falls.
Name :   herb hansen
URL :   
Dates of Service :   70-72 85-86
Unit :   308mims fac elect
Comments :   
Name :   Irvin Hall
Dates of Service :   1978-1981
Unit :   308th MIMS
Comments :   Its been a while. I worked in the RV shop when stationed there. I retired in 1996 and am currently a school teacher in Virginia. I was there when we lost 4-7. I really enjoyed the people I worked with while there.
Name :   Bob Ginn
Dates of Service :   1963-1966, 1973-1974
Unit :   373rd SMS, 308th MIMS
Comments :   Second entry (update) A superb Site dedicated to significant people, times and events. Hard hats off to all!
Name :   Keith Cochran, MSgt RET
Dates of Service :   1971-1974 1975-1979
Unit :   308 MIMS/E-LAB & 308 SMW Program Office
Comments :   Left LRAFB for Vandenberg AFB, CA, retired 1992. Now a General Dynamics contractor working for the NRO as a Mission Lead integrating satellite launches.
Name :   Ray Mixon
Dates of Service :   Sept 69-May 1974
Unit :   381SMW/533d sq
Comments :   i work with a guy that was on crew at LittleRock. Dennis Riggs. Some you guys may know him. Also was in school at Sheppard with William Smith. He got to LR about the same time--Sept 69, Hes a Clemson grad. Has anyone seen him.
Name :   Paul L. Dale
Dates of Service :   1982 - 1987
Unit :   308 MIMS (ELAB)
Comments :   Muffed up the first entry. Anyway, the time at Little Rock was some of the best. Contact me.
Name :   Wild Bill Leslie
Dates of Service :   1978-82
Unit :   373 SMS MCCC
Comments :   When you list your URL (email), please CC me. I manage the master list for 308th mbrs. ALSO, please keep me posted on email address changes. ROCK ON!!
Name :   jim fitzgerald
Dates of Service :   73-78
Unit :   308th-smw-rpie
Comments :   
Name :   Mike Allen
Dates of Service :   Jun 76-Oct 81 (MFT)
Unit :   374 SMS
Comments :   The BEST assignment in 23 yrs service! Glad to have survived! MAN, we could play some ball, didnt we?!
Name :   Calvin Covington
Dates of Service :   May 70 - May 79
Unit :   390th, 308th
Comments :   Except for right now, AF was best years! Looking forward to the reunion.
Name :   Pat (Buddy) Boylan
Dates of Service :   1979 until Deact
Unit :   308 MIMS/373 SMW
Comments :   PTS and QA. Does anyone know what happened to Jo Szukowski?
Name :   Jeff D. Browning
Dates of Service :   1982-1985
Unit :   308MMS & 373SMS
Comments :   4 years I will never regret or forget. Nothing but great memories and proud to have served.
Name :   Paul M. Mize (TSgt Ret)
Dates of Service :   July1975-Nov1980
Unit :   308MIMS
Comments :   All of this is ops what about maintance. Who kept you toilets cleared? I loved my time there I went on to Vandenberg AFB and retired there and was able to work the last Titen Launch. And I am still there with Lockheed Martin.
Name :   Gene Fisher
Dates of Service :   62 to 68
Unit :   374,308
Comments :   First crew in 308th to HQ at ORT, (wasnt my fault),great crew,standboad,DASO launch,3901st, many memories from super profesionals.
Name :   Paul Mize
Dates of Service :   july75-Nov81
Unit :   308 MIMS
Comments :   I was involved in the last lounch of the Titan family. And I stll get to work with a few great people from the Rock here at Vandenberg A.F.B.
Name :   Dan Rausch
Dates of Service :   1968-1973
Unit :   373SMS
Comments :   MCCC. Am now working for Boeing co. in Huntsville Al. Worked on Space Station/ Missile Defense programs
Name :   charlie powell
Dates of Service :   1980-1984
Unit :   373 SMS
Comments :   
Name :   Edward Corrick
Dates of Service :   1981-83
Unit :   42nd Air Division
Comments :   The air Division would visit four times a year. Ray Wagner was there. I was a 316 that worked on Hound (AGM-28), SRAM (AGM-69), and Cruise (AGM86) Missiles.
Name :   Richard McIntyre
Dates of Service :   12/67 to 12/77
Unit :   373, 374, Standboard, QC, MIMS
Comments :   I like your web sie. Realy thought it was only for the re-unior. Keep it going.
Name :   paul m mitch seeley
Dates of Service :   1981-1984
Unit :   308 MIMS Pneudraulics
Comments :   Hello all!Was missing the old squadron so I thought I would look it up! It is great to see it so well remembered.I seperated in 1992 after working on B-52s at Barksdale AFB,I still live in Shreveport LA and work for KCS railroad
Name :   John Bemo
Dates of Service :   Sept 77 - Sept 82
Unit :   eLab
Comments :   I worked with what I would consider some of the best guys/gals in this world. eLab
Name :   Rodney Jacobson, LtCol (Ret)
Dates of Service :   Dec 72 - Dec 78
Unit :   374 SMS
Comments :   DMCCC & MCCC 374 SMS. Great memories of those days.
Name :   Pat Doyle
Dates of Service :   1968-1970-Vanderberg 1970-1972 Little Rock AFB
Unit :   308 MIMS
Comments :   
Name :   Joe Ware
Dates of Service :   Feb 79 to Feb 83
Unit :   373rd SMS
Comments :   DMCCC and MCCC in the 373 SMS. I left the Air Force after Little Rock to go back into the business world. Since then I have made more moves than when in the Air Force. The best times I had were at Little Rock and working with all the great men and women o
Name :   Pablo Sanchez
Dates of Service :   1974 - 2004
Unit :   308 MIMS/147FW
Comments :   Old E-mail: New E-mail:
Name :   Steve Simmonds
Dates of Service :   1979-84
Unit :   373 SMS & 308 Wing Training
Comments :   LEft 308th - went to several NATO positions (Stuttgart Germany and Vicenza Italy), Returned to Hq Air Force Personnel Center, Retired as Chief, Air Force Enlisted Assignments, Purchased Realty Executives Lone Star in San Antonio in 2003 - Currently Broker
Name :   Stanley P. Cornell
Dates of Service :   July 55-May 76
Unit :   308 Missle Maintenance
Comments :   I was there during the Cuban Crisis, we were a long way from being in the green.
Name :   Arnie Hurst
Dates of Service :   1973-1976, 1983-deact
Unit :   373SMS,374SMS,DOT, DOV
Comments :   
Name :   William Voigt
Dates of Service :   Jan 1972 - Feb 1992
Unit :   308 Mims/ELab
Comments :   Great times and a great bunch of people.
Name :   Dan Reichel (SSgt)
Dates of Service :   Feb 75 - Apr 79
Unit :   MIMS E-Lab
Comments :   Enlisted with a draft card, retired 27 years later as a Lt Col from Singapore. What a great organization and group the 308th was. A special “hello” to all the “penguins” of E-Lab! It was a fun and memorable ride in the Arkansas fast lane.
Name :   Dan Allred
Dates of Service :   1970 - 1971
Unit :   308 CS
Comments :   This was my first assignment out of Tech School--and my most memorable.
Name :   Alan Hughes
Dates of Service :   1971-75
Unit :   373 SMS
Comments :   Proud to have served.
Name :   Dave (Trav)Travostino
Dates of Service :   78-82
Unit :   308 MIMS RPIE/REFR
Comments :   Keep the bird at 60 degrees. Always carry a 30 lb jug of R-22. Pneumatic unloaders- awesome... Rod and descale team. Towers topside. 30 Collins Road. My buddies.
Name :   John Klapp T/Sgt. Ret.
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1947 / 1967
Unit :   308 MIMS 62 / 67
Comments :   Looking for Jack Tedford. Anyone know his correct Email address?
Name :   glenn downs
URL :   
Dates of Service :   jan73 -oct76
Unit :   
Comments :   
Name :   Henry L. Moore
Dates of Service :   Sept. 1971-74
Unit :   308th Pneudraulics
Comments :   I ran into Howard Jackson i San Antonio. He told me about the reunion and sent me this web site. Looking forward to attending the next reunion. Miss those days a lot.
Name :   Arthur Hill
Dates of Service :   1965-1969
Unit :   308th MMS
Comments :   Stationed at LRAFB from 6/66 thru 7/68. Was part of warhead maintenance. We removed the re-entry vehicles from the Titans, performed the necessary maintenance, and re-attached. Was in every silo in Arkansas. I did some work on the Pods for the B-58s as we
Name :   George Hebling
Dates of Service :   3/63to9/69
Unit :   308 HqSq,308th MIMS
Comments :   Plans and Scheduling,QC&E,Crew Chief 374-1 & 374-6 Msgt Ret., GM-13 Ret.,Realtor,Foley Alabama
Name :   Charles Erwin
Dates of Service :   1978-87--1998
Unit :   373,374th,308th--609th, 9af uscentaf
Comments :   Was an MFT at LR AR. Was my first assignment of many. Retired at Shaw AFB SC. Currently working in SC as a network administrator for the state.
Name :   Nevin E Ward
Dates of Service :   Apr 75 - Jan 80
Unit :   308 MIMS/RV
Comments :   
Name :   Whit Chappell, Major, Ret
Dates of Service :   1983-1986
Unit :   373rd, DOTI, DOV, OA
Comments :   Great assignment, made wonderful friends, and have great memories. Now work in the Athletic Depart at Valdosta State University in Georgia
Name :   George McClintock
Dates of Service :   1962-1965
Unit :   374SMS
Comments :   I was a member of Crew-129. Capt. Harold Hunter was MCCC, myself DMCCC,with TSgt. Richard Carrington as BMAT and A2C John Bogardus the MFTS. Most of our on crew time was at the 374-6 complex.
Name :   Perry Hindsley
Dates of Service :   1961-1985 all MMT
Unit :   395/390/308
Comments :   MIMS-Site Maint Br: Crew Chief (and trainer),Missile Handling, T.O.Library, Col. Jenkins Safety NCO. SMW Hq:Maintenance Control, Plans and Scheduling, Job Control (NCOIC)(thanks Maj R.Wade) Lot of good people and missile experiences
Name :   Jerry Ward
Dates of Service :   1976-1980
Unit :   373 SMS
Comments :   
Name :   Karl W Pacheco
URL :   
Dates of Service :   1/76 to 5/99
Unit :   E-lab
Comments :   It is great to see a site dedicated to the members of the 308th and the Titan II Team. It is a time of my life I feel proud to have served my country in a great time of need as we are now facing new challenges to our way of life.
Name :   Don Dearborn
URL :   
Dates of Service :   73-76
Unit :   390thmims DMAFB
Comments :   Not a Member of the 308th But with only 54 sites I think we are all related. looking for all members of all 3 (and I include Vanenburg) to get with each others websites and contact old friends Don Dearborn
Name :   Denis Delaney
Dates of Service :   Jul 63- Jun 68
Unit :   374th SMS 308th WCP
Comments :   Came to Little Rock from RAF Lakenheath and the Thor Missile. Served as DMCCC with Capt Fred Schroeck, BMAT Myron Wilson MFT Kenny Blalock. Took over MCCC in 66. Command post duty in 67 under Lt Col Bill Bohne. PCSd to Minuteman at FE Warrren until 71. Th
Name :   Dan Webb
Dates of Service :   76-81; 84-86
Unit :   373, 374, DOT, DOV
Comments :   374 DMCCC,374 MCCC,Stan/Eval MCCC,Senior Stan/EvalMCCC,Chief DOT, Chief DOV, 373 Sector Cmdr Loved serving with such professional men/women of 308SMW..