This page is dedicated to some of our past members
who served and are now gone. I will be happy to post
the names of any former 308th members who are
now gone. Our prayers go out to all of our comrades
Words can't express our thanks or our pleasure for
having served with you.

Col. Edward Bailey 308MIMS /373SMS/CIC

Capt. Stewart Shannon MCCC

Col. Edward Vivian 308SMW Commander

LTC. Rick Merlin MIMS Branch Chief, RPIE

Col LaMoine 308SMW Commader

Col William E. Bifford 308SMW Commander

Capt. Edward Harenza 374SMS MCCC, Instructor

James Strobbe 373SMS MCCC

Col. Daryl Atwood 374SMS Commander

MJ Gen Robert E.  Linhard
308th Wing Standboard DMCCC
Standboard MCCC
HQ USAF Director of Plans

LTC Dennis Piper 373SMS MCCC Office Crew

LTC George Timberlake 308SMW

Col Dennis Pilonetti 374SMS Commander

Sgt Gerald McCullough ELAB

Msgt Ron Crystal

Tsgt Gerry Ely

Sabrina Chism (Forshee) TCC

Msgt Jim Ayers ELAB

Msgt Bill Eckhardt MASH

Msgt John Wooley RPIE

Michael Spence

Col. Charles P. Cosgrove

CMSGT Wallace Wampler DCM Tech Advisor

Tsgt Michael Stienke MHEO Head Driver Instructor

Smsgt Robert E. Clendenin Senior BMAT
Standboard Evaluator.

Msgt Thadeous "Red" Henry
Missile Security Superintendent

CMSgt Warren Bowlus
308th Senior Enlisted Advisor

Lt Col Dave Counts, 308th SMW Sector Cmdr

Col Richard Spencer 308th DCO

Mike Carriere

Ken Olsen RPIE

Timothy (Tim) David Daniel

Marvin Payne

Lt. Col Harold A. Kohnert (One of the Originals)

David Fisk

Ralph Bennett 308th MIMS/MASH

Msgt Lloyd Vann ELAB/QC

Msgt Charles A. Miranda 374SMS

Lt Col Mike Sayer 373SMS/308MIMS ('72-'77)

Gordon Federle 374 Commander

SSgt Barry Draper

A1C Joseph P. Tallman (Pat)

Tim Rand RPIE Plumbing

Dion P Hamilton 374SMS MFT

Mike McMullan 373 MFT Career ANG

CMSgt Carmen Malone '73-'86 MFT DOT DOV
OA Competitor

CMSgt Dick Ott

Maj Ed Fugate DFC

Col Barry M Teitler 374SMS Commander

Richard Bunn BMAT

Jeff Kennedy PTS

SRA David L. Livingston 374-7 9/19/80

MSGT Ronald E. Bugge 373-5 1/24/68

SGT Larry G. South 373-4 10/8/76