If you have any photos past or present send them to me
I'll post them so they can be shared with everyone!
Dave Davis (RPIE)
with his daughters
373-3 Crew Back in the day
Walt Farmer DMCCC 373-3
Circa 1971
Jim Cook MCCC 373-3
circa 1971
373rd SMS Crew R-048
going on alert.
Left to Right:
SRA Bob Smith BMAT
2Lt Bob Hartzell DMCCC
A1C Tom MacDaniel MFT
1Lt William Gilfillan MCCC
Cal Covington jamming with
his band
Some of my ELAB comrades
cutting up...courtesy of
Gracie Golonka
ELABers... Tech School
1968 Crew E-112
1st Lt  Henry G. Crow - MCCC
1st Lt  Allen C. Spitler - DMCCC
A1C  Larry M. Burden - BMAT
Sgt  John A. Kopp - MFT
373rd SMS
BMAT Mike Lee
DMCCC Rich Houchin
MCCC Russ Anarde
Last Alert 373-6 1987
My ELAB class spring 1980
PTS Reunion at LRAFB 2013
PTS Dawgs circa 1966
PTS Sets Record!